Unseen 2.0 | Xecretia

2.900,00 + TAX.

– Operating system Xecret OS.
– Own firewall.
– Elimination of data in case of theft or loss.
– Panic button.
– Software control of cameras and microphones.
– Internet anonymous and secure.
– Applications for encryption of information.



At Xecretia we work to offer what is probably the most secure Smartphone in the Market.. Unseen 2.0 is an Android based operating system, with improved privacy measures to guarantee the best confidentiality without compromising the best performance brought to the market by Oneplus 5T.

Our open source philosophy guarantees the transparency of the processes of protection of the information stored in our terminals and of the communications for which they are used.

Our countermeasures are fully auditable so that any advanced user can verify that there are no information gaps or back doors.

  • Operating system Xecret OS, the fruit of our developers engineering in a patented solution that blocks any intrusion and any unauthorized information exchange.
  • Fully controlled Firewall with all the permissions assigned to each application independently (Data access, WI FI, GPS, etc.)
  • Data elimination in case of theft or loss.
  • Panic button for total system erase.
  • Software control of cameras and microphones to prevent unauthorized use.
  • VPN and transparent proxying to guarantee an anonymous and secure internet connection.
  • Applications for the encryption of information with state of the art protocols and more robust encryption algorithms.
  • Imsi-catcher detector.
  • Exclusive ultra-secure suite of applications for:
    • Secret communication between Unseen terminals by encrypted ip voice.
    • Encrypted point-to- point instant messaging without storage on servers.
    • Secret identities.
    • Secure storage of information.
    • Creation of encryption keys, mail pgp, etc.
    • Applications of encrypted communications of habitual use to enable the communication with other terminals.
  • Safe video conferences, for when it becomes essential to be face to face and circumstances do not allow it.
  • Satellite use, to have encrypted point to point chat, email and news anywhere in the world.
  • Digital wallet to store and operate with crypto currency in a totally safe way.


– Dimensions 152.7 x 74.7 x 7.35 mm Weight 158g
– CPU Four Kryo TM processor cores: 2 to 2.35 GHz
– Storage 64GB / 128GB UFS 2.0
– USB 2.0, Type-C ports
– 3.5 mm audio connector
– RAM 6gb
– Operating system Xecret OS
– Material Anodized aluminum
– Battery 3,400 mAh (non-removable)
– Fingerprint Sensor
– 2 nano SIM slots
– Dash Charge (5V, 4A)


-1x OnePlus 5T
-1x Screen Protector (pre-applied)
-1x Dash Type-C Cable
-1x Dash Power Adapter
-1x SIM Tray Ejector
-1x Quick Start Guide -1x Safety Information